Beauty Looks You’ll Definitely Be Wearing!

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Beauty Looks You’ll Definitely Be Wearing


Hair Trend: Though we’ve detailed this before, half top knots and top knots are NOT going away anytime soon. “These styles look great with sweaters and scarves and keeps the hair from tangling,” says Scunci stylist Laura Polko.

From soft amber to deep copper, there’s a shade for every girl looking for a hair-color remix.

Make-Up: You already know that stains, rips, wrinkles, discolorations, pulled threads, missing buttons, and any other sort of generalized disrepair will make your outfit — and you — look like kind of a mess. And so will wearing clothes that pull, bulge, sag, or just plain don’t fit very well. But there are other, subtler ways that your look could be sending an unflattering message about you.

If you’re not looking to go full-on dark, berry stains will also be having a moment, says Angela Kim, founder of “Shades from neutral cherries to slightly darker bordeaux-stained lips are here to stay.”

Weight Loss

“Scandal” producer Shonda Rhimes is juggling three major network television shows, with more in the works, but that hasn’t stopped her from dropping more than 100 pounds. Rhimes opened up about her weight-loss transformation at a recent ABC red carpet event.

Rhimes, 45, says a combination of portion control and motivation helped her shed roughly 117 pounds. When asked what her secret is, the producer told Extra that she hasn’t had to drastically change her eating habits, but opted to reduce the portions of the food she was already eating.

Lose Some Weight With Portion Control, and Look Better in Your New Outfit

“I realized I could either spend my life going, ‘I wish I could lose weight,’ or I could just do it,” she said. “Nothing is 100 percent fun all the time, but I have never not done something with a pointed focus.”


Professional HairCare Tips

Styles You Need

“Focusing on the size of your plate isn’t teaching you the different amounts of what you should be eating,” says Brigitte Zeitlin, M.P.H., R.D., C.D.N, dietitian at B-Nutritious. The size of your plate makes no difference if you don’t know what a proper portion size should look like. Instead, fill half your plate with vegetables, and divide the rest into quarters, with protein in one and starch in the other. And take your time eating so you can better sense when you’ve had enough.

If you feel you need a hand, try some amazing new ideas now in the market, like the 3 week diet system, or natural supplemments.

Forskolin fuel is usually a high quality, 100% plant based, excess weight shedding product. Virtually any weight-loss product should be organic to stop awful unwanted side effects, and this you might always be well suited for every person exactly who doesn’t desire just about any added headaches…

healthy hairHair Revolution

Spending too much on expensive shampoos, but not getting the desired results that you see in TV ads? It is mostly possible and very common, because we see overly exaggerated results on TV, since these ads are designed to attract customers.

Massaging your scalp regularly with cold-pressed castor oil is one of the easiest ways to get thicker hair naturally. Due to its high viscosity, it coats the hair thoroughly and protects against hair fall. Plus, being high in vitamin E and fatty acids, it promote hair growth.

For that shiny soft hair…

Prepare a mixture of 1 cup of your daily conditioner and 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Apply this mixture evenly on your wet hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off thoroughly. This mixture will close down your hair’s cuticle and give your hair that amazing shine.

Use egg, mayonnaise, and olive oil on your hair. Separate the yolk from an egg. There can’t be any whites in the yolk. You can do this using a plastic bottle. The mouth of the bottle must be placed on the egg yolk, and the bottle should be squeezed slowly.

  • The yolk will get inside the bottle. Then put your egg yolk separately in a bowl.Use a whisk to break the yolk in the bowl. Then, take a spoon of mayonnaise, and put it in the bowl. Whisk these together. You can add olive oil if your hair is extremely dry.
  • Spread the mixture in your hair evenly. Leave the mixture in for 20-30 minutes. Wash your hair with warm water. Make sure every thing is washed out.